Now Hiring – Join our Team

Majestic Valley Arena’s Events Schedule has experienced significant growth, and we are currently expanding our team by hiring event staff. Most positions are part-time, catering to the various events held throughout the year, including days, evenings, and weekends. The hours will vary depending on the specific event. However, there may also be full-time positions available. If you are flexible and open to multiple options, please let us know, as this is a significant advantage.

We are seeking applications for the following positions and duties:

  • Bartenders, Bar Backs, and Cocktail Staff: TIPS certification and a minimum age of 18 are required for those serving alcohol.
  • Concession Kitchen Staff: Cashiers, Cooks, and Expediters.
  • Cleaners for both indoor and outdoor areas of the arena, stall barn, bathrooms, shower facilities, etc.
  • Video Camera and Sound Booth Operators.
  • Maintenance/Property Grounds Crew.
  • Parking Attendants, Ticket Sellers/Takers, etc.

We will be hosting a Hiring Event in early March for interviews and to discuss your availability.

Here is a link that will open a new page with a Job Application form.  You can fill in online and Save Page as and then attach to Email, print, etc.   Or you can save/download this form open it on your local computer and fill it out then attach the filled out form to Email address on bottom of the Job Application  Form.  Just remember to “Save” or right click “Save page As” after filling form out. …  Alternatively you can print form and fill in by hand and mail back to the Majestic Valley Arena, address on bottom of Application Form.  Click/select link below…

Job Application form Link